Sunday, September 25, 2011

Different Types of Pumps

Pumps are employed in numerous applications due to its efficient design and increased lifespan. However, frequent maintenance is required to maintain the performance and lifespan of the pumps. There are different types of pumps available that varies mainly in its working principle.

Some important pump types that are popular presently are listed below:

Centrifugal pumps:

These pumps are used most often in industries to transfer liquids through a piping system. These types of pumps are used for low pressure, high volume flow applications in the industry. The output of this pump mainly depends on the rotational speed of the driving source. It uses a rotating impeller to increase the pressure and flow rate of the liquid. Industrial pumps such as centrifugal pumps should be selected properly after analyzing the design and fabrication of the pump because small defects may prove to be very expensive in the future.

Rotary-gear pumps:

It is the simplest form of rotary pumps that consists of two gears laid out side-by-side with their teeth enmeshed. There are different types of rotary gear pumps that vary slightly in the mode of operation. To maintain a constant flow of water it is important to have many small teeth, while the large teeth make the pump to discharge water in an inconsistent basis.

Reciprocating-type pumps:

It is a type of Industrial pump that is used commonly in both air compressor and hydraulic applications operate on the reciprocating principle. To move the liquid in positive direction this pump requires a system of suction and discharge valves. These types of pumps were used for steam propulsion in the earlier days. There are many more benefits offered by this type of pump due to its effective design.

Hydromantic pumps:

This pump is used for water treatment system. It is also employed in industries to treat the waste waters that are produced as the byproduct during cleaning processes. This type of water pump needs proper maintenance, because problems such as contamination, rusting will occur if not frequently maintained.

Velocity pumps:

This type of pump is mainly used, when there is a need of high intensity flow of liquid. It uses kinetic energy to enhance the flow velocity. These types of pumps are found in industries, agricultural field and in large scale applications.

Valveless pumps:

As the name implies there are no valves in this pump to regulate the flow direction. It is used most often in engineering and biomedical sectors.

Due to continuous execution, industrial pumps are prone to frequent repairs. However, Industrial pump repair should be performed only by a well trained person, because repairing is not just resolving the present problem, but it also involves inspecting the entire pump to prevent frequent repairs. Moreover, leakage problems might occur in the water pumps. This leakage problem can be resolved by using mechanical seals or mechanical packing. Remember, you must choose the pumps after several considerations, because low quality pumps might not be reliable and its maintenance will be very expensive.
Industrial pump repair performed by expert professionals will increase the lifespan of the pump. The author has written numerous articles regarding industrial pumps and mechanical seals in the past.

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