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Mechanical Seals Preparation Before Sealing High Prices

Also known as seal mechanical seal is used rotating shaft seals. Reliable mechanical seals, leaking a small amount of long life, low consumption. Without frequent maintenance, and can adapt the production process automation and high-temperature, low temperature, high pressure, vacuum, high-speed and a variety of strong corrosive medium. Medium containing solid particles such harsh conditions of the hungry seal requirements. Mechanical seal is by a pair of or several of the vertical axis for moving the end face relative profit and compensation of fluid pressure in the elastic body (or magnetic) to maintain access under the merger accompanied by supporting sealing and leakage of the seal to the resistance device.
Advantages of mechanical seals:
1. Sealing reliable, long-term operation in closed state is very stable, very small leak, the leak is about 1% of soft packing seal.
2. Long life, in oil, water media generally up to 1 to 2 years or more. General work in the chemical medium for more than half a year.
3. Rub small power consumption, the friction power is only soft packing seal 10% to 50%.
4. Shaft or sleeve basically do not wear.
5. Maintain a long life cycle. Automatic compensation for wear after end, generally do not need regular maintenance.
6. Seismic good, the vibration of the rotating shaft and the deflection axis of the sealed chamber is not sensitive.
7. Applicable to a wide range of mechanical seals can be used for high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, vacuum, rotational frequency, and a variety of corrosive media and sealed with abrasive media.
Mechanical seal Disadvantages:
1. More complex and demanding process.
2. Installation and replacement is too much trouble, require workers to have a certain level of technology.
3. When the accident occurred chance to handle the more difficult.
Mechanical seal preparation before sealing high prices:
1. Check mechanical seal models. Specifications together the requirements of design drawings, so parts (especially the sealing surface, auxiliary ring) with or without damage, distortion, cracks and other phenomena, if defective, must be replaced or repaired.
2. Check mechanical seal with the size of various parts, roughness, parallelism is consistent with the design requirements.
3. The use of small spring mechanical seal, it should check the small springs are the same length and rigidity.
4. Check the host runout. Swing around the amount and degree of compliance with technical requirements, whether the sealed chamber installation scale, sealed cover and whether the vertical axis.
5. Should be kept clean, especially the rotating ring and stationary seal ring sealing surface and support surface should be no dirt, dust, are not allowed to use unclean surface without polishing swab seal.
6. Not allowed to use the tools to tap seals to prevent the seals were damaged.
Sealing function of sealing material shall meet the requirements. Since different media were sealed, and equipment have different working conditions, requested sealing materials have different adaptability. Requirements on the sealing material is generally:
1. Densification is good, not easy to leak medium.
2. Have the appropriate mechanical strength and hardness.
3. Compressibility and elasticity of a good, permanent distortion.
4. High temperatures do not soften, do not decompose, do not harden at low temperature, not brittle.
5. Good corrosion resistance in acid, alkali, oil medium to long-term work, small changes in its size and hardness, and do not adhere to metal surfaces.
6. Friction coefficient, good wear resistance.
7. Has the combined sealing surface softness.
8. Anti-aging, good durability.
9. Processing easy, cheap and easily drawn.
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