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The Key Points In Choosing The Right Pond Pump

Purchasing a pond pump is not the same as buying a pair of shoes that you can exchange anytime. A pond pump is one of the most essential pond supplies. So it is necessary to put a considerable thought when deciding to buy one. Once you are in a pond pump store, you will find the two basic types of pumps: external and submersible. The latter type is commonly used in small sized ponds with less volume of water. The former is used as a pump in a larger pond with higher water volume. However, especially designed submersible pond pumps can also work in a larger pond.
When it comes to aesthetics, external pond pumps do not usually fall under this criterion. This is due to the fact that it is out of the water and can easily be seen. Unlike a submersible pond pump, an external one is made to perfectly function out of water. So if you are more into the beautification of the pond, then go for a submersible pond pump. But if you are more focused on the durability of the pond pump, then go for the external type.
One of the most important things that you need to have knowledge of is the pond size. The type of pond pump that you can use is always dependent on the sizes and dimensions of the water feature. The volume of the pond water should also match the pond pump type or else the pump will not work properly and your money, gone to waste. Knowing these things will make you equipped and prepared in doing the right choice.
The power source of the pond pump is also dependent on the volume of the water in the pond. A pump is usually capable of pumping half of the total water volume every hour. Therefore it is necessary to have a close to accurate measurements. For larger ponds, the recommended power source for the pond pumps is either gas or the sunlight (solar). Since there is much water for the pond to work on, the energy to consume will definitely be a lot. Therefore instead of resorting to the use of electricity, other resources should me considered. The option of installing a magnetic and oil-free pond pump can be considered to reduce the risk of fish poisoning.
To have pond pump that is powerful enough to circulate the water in the whole system including the water supply of other pond equipments, adding a pond fountain or a waterfall would be great. This is more applicable in large ponds. Not only do fountains and waterfalls help aerate the pond, they also make the pump's job much easier.
You must also consider a pond filter that will work harmoniously with the pond pump. Remember that without a working filter, solid wastes will prevent the pond pump from doing its job. To ease the burden of mismatching these two pond equipments, there are pump and filter combinations available in the market.
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