Wednesday, May 11, 2011

High Pressure Pump

A pump is a simple machine that can generate pressure. A high-pressure pump is a pump that can generate high pressure generally exceeding 800 psi. The pumps that generate a pressure between 800 to 3000 psi are called moderate high-pressure pumps and if a pump generates pressure between 3000 psi to 5000 psi, is known as very high-pressure pump. In addition, there are ultra high-pressure pumps that generate exceedingly high pressure that ranges between 10,000 psi and 40,000 psi.

Some of the commonly used pumps include booster pump sewage pumps, sump pump, water pumps and others.Though pistons are not generally used with high-pressure pumps, they are used for applications that need pressure below 1000 psi. Triplex plunger pump is a common type of pump used high-pressure applications. Triplex pumps and quintuplex pumps are known as power pumps and are generally used for high-pressure applications.
The hydraulically driven intensifier or amplifier is a widely used device for high-pressure applications. The pressure of the fluid being pumped is increased using the hydraulic pressure.
The high pressure pumps are used in variety of applications in common life and various industries. They are used in high-pressure applications such as water pumps for water jet cutting system, water jet cleaning systems. There is several other application requiring high-pressure applications including reverse osmosis desalination, foam firefighting, as well as pumping of liquid CO2 and high vapor liquids.
If you want to buy High Pressure Pumps you can search online. There are several manufacturers in India and the world offering different types of these products. While selecting a pump, first analyze your needs and the kind of application for which you need a pump. Visit the websites of different manufacturers and know about their products, product features and their prices. Compare the high-pressure pumps from different manufacturers and buy the one you find most suitable for your job.
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