Saturday, May 14, 2011

All About Axial Piston Pumps And Their Operations.

Piston pumps are there almost everywhere in our lives. But, it's just that we are not aware of their existence or their usefulness. The axial piston pumps are used almost everywhere but they are most useful in the aerospace industry.
Well, before talking about axial piston pumps and its use in the various industry sectors, let us know a few basic things about them. Axial piston pumps are nothing but positive displacement pumps that have a number of cylinders arranged in a circular pattern within a cylinder block. This block known as a rotor or a barrel, this is a key component in the pump assembly. The size and surface texture of this cylinder bores is critical to proper pump performance and life of the assembly.
The piston pumps come in many varieties that include axial radial inline piston pumps, radial-piston pumps, and also plunger pumps. They also differ based on the type of component they are used like bronze, brass, steel, stainless steel, iron, nickel alloy, or other material.
These pumps are used in lower pressure applications, unlike plunger pumps which are high pressure pumps. Indeed, the piston pumps provide an excellent solution for many hydraulic oil pumping applications. However, the pumps used in these operations have iron cylinder and piston with a steel piston rod.
Whatever model of piston pumps or pressure washer pumps you intend to buy, always go for manufacturers whose products are acknowledged for high functionality, low power consumption and excellent durability. They should also come with rounded construction that has no drum-type surfaces to amplify noise.
Also, as in a centrifugal pump where restriction or increased head creates reduced flow, a piston pump has a very flat flow performance curve. This may result in blockages, which is very hazardous. Hence, use only piston pumps that have safety devices
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